3 Ways To Wear Scipaprock Bag

By Hafni Alizar Juliana  |   about 2 months ago
3 Ways To Wear Scipaprock Bag

Hello Shonet Beebbbs! For your information! I know that you already know about the local brand Scipaprock. This brand has its own charm because it has a unique concept and has its own characteristics. 

Ok now let's see the 3 ways to wear the Scipaprock Bag for all kinds of activities and maximizing your outfit of the day hehehe! #THESHONETSCIPAPROCK


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  1. Tribal Look

This Scipaprock bag because of its elegant black color is suitable for use by you who use this kind of tribal outfit. So it seems more simple and cute.


2. Colorfull Look

So if you use this product with bright colors it is also very suitable. With this bag added to beautify your outfit because it looks more cool and more practical. Because the bag is small and contains a lot of stuff, it suits you who prefer to look simple.


3. Fashionable Look

This Scipaprocks bag is also suitable for you who want to look more presentable or fashionable ... Very beautiful because it is super cool with neutral colors.

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Hafni Alizar Juliana

Hello I’m Hafni, for intro i love fashion so much, i love mix and match the fashion that i have. Really like skincare, i mean skincare about. Everyone i’m new bie insiders, teach me! See yaa!♥️


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