Easy to Style, Check this 3 Ways to Wear Your Scipaprock (じゃんけん) Bag!

By Nathania S  |   about 1 month ago
Easy to Style, Check this 3 Ways to Wear Your Scipaprock (じゃんけん) Bag!

Hi my dearest penduduk Shonetopia!

Who doesn't love streetwear bags here? Aku baru banget tau ada streetwear bags yang cocok dipakai untuk formal and informal events called Scipaprock / じゃんけん. Abreviations of Scissors, Paper, Rock (how cool is that!). Before I (hopefully) got the chance to try on them, Aku bakal kasi 3 style yang bisa banget kalian recreate using this Scipaprock bags:



Scipaprock gacuma bisa dipakai buat streetwear aja lho dear, Scipaprock bisa juga dipakai buat daily activities atau ke acara-acara semi formal. White blouse, black pants, even black mask aja cocok banget buat styling your Scipaprock bags.

Scipaprock as seen on IG @nisyawiliards

Try to combine Black and White outfits and your Scipaprock bag will fit in automatically. Jangan lupa untuk tambahkan aksesoris andalan sebagai pemanis outfit kalian. Check this journal to see more of my styling tips!  



As a streetwear brand, of course Scipaprock stylable banget buat streetwear ootd. 

Scipaprock as seen on IG @sesarika

Try to put on soft color pieces seperti abu-abu dan pastel as your outfit's base color. Setelah itu level up dengan monochrome accessories (Black or White).



Style yang satu ini juga cocok banget dear. Apalagi buat yang mulai back to office bisa banget pakai Scipaprock buat meeting atau ke kantor. Not to mention they also fit well on Hijabers!

Scipaprock as seen on IG @vodkaina

You can style formal pants, white t-shirt/shirt and a blazer. Try to use similar color tone antara formal pants dan blazernya. Buat sepatu, high heels atau wedges yang sesuai dengan color tone bakal cakep banget. Or, you can try using soft chocolate or monochrome sneakers or wedges.


Itu tadi my Scipaprock styling tips! Share yours in the comment. Semoga berguna & kalau ada request topik lain buat aku bahas, boleh DM ke IG aku ya di @niasantoso. Thank You.


Much Love,



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