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By jennye awuy  |   2 months ago

As most people know, some recent incidents in the states made so many people angry. George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Ahmaud Arbery. It feels like everything has gone wild. I'm an outsider and I don't live in the states. But it is all just devastating. The fact that some people need to fight. Some NEED to tell that their life matters. Some need to tell people that they exist and they are human beings. It's just...

I know that I'm no one. I'm just a 17 year-old teenager from the outside. I don't have the power to stop it all. But, I know that I have a voice. I have an opinion. And here's something that probably won't matter but it is something that I can do. 

At first, I genuinely thought that all of these are only hoaxes. It's ridiculous if you see it from here. How can someone do nothing and be shot at? Someone was running around the block and they were shot? Someone was being knelt down and suffocated and no one cared? You see? It's like I'm watching a movie. 

I grew up believing that the world is magical. The world outside was amazing and everyone is so mature and all of the grownups have it all. There are no bullys, no superiority and everyone finally lives a happy little life, just like in the disney movies. I guess, I got it that's all wrong.

I know that in my country, there are also stories like these. Racism. And most definitely, sexism. But I'm not here to talk about my country. I'm here to say that I'm scared to grow up. I have lived in this earth for 17 years and this is the first time I feel scared. I'm terrified. I'm scared to see what the future are bringing if this present life is all messed up. 

And now I have realized that saying that this is the first time that I'm scared to live is a privilege. You see? You see how messed up humanity is? 

I'm not religious, but I know for a fact that the world isn't supposed to be like this. I know that God (or whoever) made the world for people to live in harmony. For humans to live hand in hand with each other. The complete one another. There are no human that are better than the other. There are no race that is the best race in the world. If so, why did God make us all different? Why did God create every single thing in this world differently? Why didn't God make us all the same? 

And now, I'm terrified. I don't know that the future brings and I'm so scared. I'm scared for the next generations. I'm scared for my kids. For the world which they're gonna live in.

All of these aren't supposed to be happening. 



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jennye awuy

hi! 🌝 


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Yohana Manurung thank you for speaking up about this on The Shonet. I literally just had the idea to come back here today and speak up on such matters. thank you for being ahead of the start. i feel more comfortable discussing about it with my perspectives now, hehe. i hope with you venting your thoughts out here, i hope you find ease and i just want to remind you that hard times will also pass by. this won't be the end of racism but it's a start of good change around us, hopefully, as we speak of it and discuss more about these type of issues comfortably without trying to debate against someone's argument/perspective.
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