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Bisakah kita berteman?

By Dameria Karina Singarimbun  |   a month ago
Bisakah kita berteman?

hi gays, welcome to my shonet account, i want to introduce myself to you guys, my name is Dameria Karina Singarimbun , u can call me Dame or Rina , i'm 21 years old and my birthday 13 September 1997,  right now i am a student in semester 7 thank you gays don't forget to follow my shonet and my instagram account @dameriakarina , thanks a lot guys!

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Dameria Karina Singarimbun

Hi, Mari berteman🤗

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Dameria Karina Singarimbuna month ago
Aku follow kalian semua, follback yaa🤗
Septiania month ago
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