Bridal Beauty. What did I do?

By Patricia Wijaya  |   about 2 years ago
Bridal Beauty. What did I do?

G'day! First of all, I am sorry I haven't been posting a lot because the past week I was in Australia for a friend's wedding and I didn't have my laptop with me as I already had so much to carry! 

To open up this topic, I will break down to the deeds what I used on my bride last week. It is the understanding of Bridal Beauty of my own definition and understanding. Everyone has different styles on how they want to shape their Brides on its special day. 

So, Here I go.. 

1. Skin Prep - I put on some calming toner, Re-Birth Placenta Serum, and Nivea Face Lotion to moisturize. I ended the skin prep with some spritz of Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist. 

2. Foundation - I mixed on Too Faced Born This way in Pearl and MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC 25 + a pump of the same face lotion to thin out the product. Spreaded the foundation with a brush first then blended everything away with a beauty blender. 

3. Concealer - I stayed true with my Holy Grail Rimmer Wake Me Up Concealer in Ivory to cancel out any dark circles and to highlight a little bit. 

4. Powder - I dusted MAC Lightful pressed powder in NC 25 lightly on the entire face and baked a little bit under the eyes with Makeover Loose Powder in Porcelain. 

5. Sculpting - Just a little bit of Bahama Mama bronzer on the outer perimeter of the face, a tad of MAC Stay Pretty Blush on and The Balm Mary Loumanizer Highlighter. I did put a bit more on highlight to really pop out the colour as the wedding was held outdoor.

6. Brows - Brushed them up, filled in with some medium brown eyeshadow and set it all up with Anastasia Clear Brow Gel. 

7. Eyes - First of all, she had natural lash extensions on. So obviously I did not do anything with her lashes. As a base, I put on some excess foundation from the Beauty Blender that I had and set it up with a bit of powder. Then I took Loreal Super Blendable Powder in Creme Cafe all over the lid all the way up to the crease. Finished up the centre of the eyes with some Mary Lou. Then I smudged a little bit of dark brown eyeliner on the lash line just to give a bit more of definition onto the eyes. 

8. Lips - Some lucas papaw to moisture the lips and Social Cosmetics Liquid Lip in Charming mixed with Huda Beauty in Trendsetter. 

Then I sprayed on some Mac Fix Plus to finish everything up. I chose Fix Plus instead of Urban Decay All Nighter was because the weather in Australia is very dry and I do want my bride to look dewy. 

Those were the steps that I did. 

Now, to what should you do during the process of makeup? 

1. Brides could be very emotional. If you could make a joke to lighten their mood then go ahead. But if you could not, don't worry, just talk to them nicely. Offer them some hot beverage or even a glass of water to make them feel "being taken care of". 

2. Understand them. You'll never know what did they went through the night before. Adjust to their feeling. Don't feel offended by their attitude towards you. 

3. Keep on checking and asking if the make up that you have applied is okay for them. They have to feel very confident with their makeup as all attention will be to the bride and like it or not your name is on stake as well. Make sure they are comfortable with your makeup and you are satisfied with it as well. 

At the end of the day, you and the bride have to enjoy the whole process of doing the beauty business. Happy client, happy you :) 

Until next post, 


Written By
Patricia Wijaya

I am a makeup freak ever since I was 12 years old. Trying out new things are my bunch of joy, finding something that works on me is a constant christmas present. 

You can book me through my page at Hello Beauty!

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