Brushes. Cheap or Expensive?

By Patricia Wijaya  |   about 2 years ago
Brushes. Cheap or Expensive?

Hello again ladies and gents. I have just done my makeup and quite a lot of blending involved in it which comes to this article about brushes. What I'm going to write out on this post is something that I have learned the hard way on how to maximise the function of your smooth bristles. 

Back in the days, I always have the perception that the more your push your brush onto your face, the more product payoff that you will get. And I never tapped off any product excess ever before. So yeah.. you could imagine how much eyeshadow, bronzer, blush etc that I put on my face. A complete nightmare! 

What have I learned so far? Here you go. 

1. Always, Always tap off any product excess! Especially if you are trying out a new palette and you have no idea how does it performs. You would not want to mess up your makeup. Either you test out the product first and see how the pigmentation really is, or simply tap off your brush to get rid of any excess and to prevent any fall out. 

2. Be light handed. Expensive or cheap, drugstore or highend, each brushes have their own performance. All my life, I have been using drugstore brand just because I don't want to spend that much of money on a brush for now. Elf brushes, Morphe, Wet n Wild, some no brand brushes, I have it all. The key to get the most out of your brush is to be very light handed while blending things out. The more pressure that you put on your brush, the less flawless result that you will get. Also, the lighter your movement are, the less possibility you'll iritate your skin. Y'all know harsh treatment ain't welcome by your skin. Plus, harsh application will ruin the bristles too. To me, there's no such thing as "oh no my brush is broken". This means either your have been using your brush wrongly or you're just unfortunate. 

3. Give them some good shower time. To me, 4 times use equals with one wash. Especially to your face brushes! You don't need some fancy brush cleanser if you don't want to spend more money on it, a baby bar soap will do the job for you. Give them a good wash and rinse and time to dry. Putting them overnight in an AC room will be best. 

4. You don't need 100 brushes (even if I do own 150 of them I think), but really, one brush could do more than you think. For example, one  powder brush can be used for bronzer and blush as well. Again, as long as you are being light handed with them, then everything will apply seamlessly. If you are not a make up freak like me and you are just doing makeup for your everyday routine, then definitely just get the brushes that you think you'll need. 

 I also do get a lot of questions about blending products with hand. Personally, in my opinion, your hands can be your best friend while applying makeup, especially cream products. The heat from your fingers can help to melt down the products. However, DO MAKE SURE THAT YOU WASH YOUR HAND BEFORE TOUCHING YOUR FACE. Hence, make up artists using brushes so it will be more hygenic to their clients. I still use my hand while doing makeup on other people, but I do sanitize in front of them or wash my hands before touching their face. 

I think that's it for today's post. I do hope this will sort out your confusion on brushes. 

Until next post, have a marvelous day. 



Written By
Patricia Wijaya

I am a makeup freak ever since I was 12 years old. Trying out new things are my bunch of joy, finding something that works on me is a constant christmas present. 

You can book me through my page at Hello Beauty!

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