One Ultimate Outfit

This collection is designed to give you a complete look, so you can easily purchase them at once. The pieces are mostly minimalist, so this whole look can never go wrong for any occasion.

Komisi IDR 4,296 i
NOCHEFlat Romy

IDR 699,000

IDR 214,800 70%

Komisi IDR 9,950 i
TOUGOHaifa Earrings

IDR 199,000

Komisi IDR 12,450 i
TOUGOFore Blouse

IDR 249,000

IDR 60,000

Komisi IDR 13,750 i

IDR 275,000

Komisi IDR 9,250 i
BLING IT ONCow Vintage Bag

IDR 185,000

Komisi IDR 17,950 i
RATELSandy Trousers

IDR 359,000

Komisi IDR 2,980 i
NOCHELico Pants

IDR 449,000

IDR 149,000 67%







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