Don't Make Your Wallet Screaming

By Rina Febriane  |   about 2 years ago
Don't Make Your Wallet Screaming

Hii, greetings from Jakarta..

Today we will talk about cosmetics, or sharing about cosmetics product as everyday make up. As we know, for some people price that matters while choosing the product of cosmetics, and we already know that a lot of product range and price range.

Is it true, more expensive is more better..? Hmm.. for some reason yes, maybe that is true, but first of all.. Do you know the Brand..? Do you know what their best products..? Do you know the ingredients of it..?

We know that High End product was so much expensive, and for now drug store product can be good alternative for cosmetics products. Ok, what is drugstore product..? as you can read by name it self, means available at drugstore or convinience store. You can name it so many brand international and Local Indonesia, such as Maybelline, L`Oreal, Revlon, Emina Cosmetics

Some of us, maybe doesnt care about the Brand.. but you may have to know that so so many kind of product out there, with mutual quality as same as highend product

Here it is, some tricks for choose good quality product with drugstore product.

1. Know your skin type correctly

2. Match your budget to product that you can buy

3. Choose product that match with your skin tone

That is it..! Happy Shopping Guys, and Be beautiful everyday ^_^

Written By
Rina Febriane

Hey gorgeus, my name is Rina.. for now I think, I am more serious being a makeup artist, since I was a kid, brush, lipstick and mascara they're my club.. 10 years ago (yes that long..) i work as sales assistant manager in electronic Industry, but somehow I feel everything that I do was a mess and not my passion, so after the long journey in there I decided to quit and chasing my passion in Beauty, to be a makeup artist.

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