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Hi, The Shonet!!

What's up guys? I hope you guys all doing fine and well. 


By the way, I had just recovered from a bad cold and super nasty muscle pains, but that didn't stop me from going to the Covermark event.  I'm glad that I could made it to the event, which was happening on 24 August, Saturday, at Greyhound in Grand Indonesia.

As you guys can guess from the title, yes! this time, I want to share my moments with Covermark Indonesia in the event.




Okay so, when I'd just arrived at the event, I was given some test to  have my skin's undertone checked up. It was then there, I found out my skin's undertone, it turns out that my undertone is yellow. Have you guys check what your skin's undertone colour is?



By the way, how many of you guys know about Covermark? To be honest, I just heard it recently but I must tell you guys, their products are simply amazing. Especially their foundation and their base makeup line is simply indispensable for your everyday make up. 

I like how the texture is light but totally covering your acne scar.

It easily become one of my favourite products to use, even though it's called foundation but it's not heavy at all, seemingly the same when I use my cc-cream and you'll get that natural flawless dewy look. I highly recommend it to you guys. 


FYI, both Covermark (JUSME COLOUR) Lasting Makeup Base & Covermark (JUSME COLOUR) Essence Foundation already have the SPF, nice right? Their Lasting Makeup Base have SPF38 PA++ and their Essence Foundation have SPF18 PA++, so convenient right guys?






And then, there was this game where all the guest had to decorate this paper with the flower that had been given to each of the guests, it's been way too long since I did this kind of activity; this was the highlight of my time there, I swear it was so fun, afterwards we need to snap it to instagram story and the three chosen winner would get voucher from Covermark Indonesia to shop.

I really enjoyed this event. I really had a great time there. Big time.


This is mine, my piece of artwork. I was inspired by the autumn. What do you guys think about my decorated paper?







My outfit for the Covermark event, since the dresscode was either blue or yellow, I didn't know why at last I chose the yellow colour, when usually I would choose blue, but my choice is in line with my undertone colour. Surprise surprise, how apt is that?

This time, I chose to wear more casual-laidback outfit, added it with statement earrings and necklace to highlight and complete my look. 

What do you guys think of my outfit? Is it a YAY or a NAY??









Have I told you, the goody bag is really lit. They consist of usb, Covermark essence foundation, Covermark loose powder, Covermark powder case, and lastly Covermark lasting make up base. I already tried some of them, and the result is far from disappointing. I love it. Anyway, I will write some review on my oncoming article. Look forward to it.






Last but not least, I want to say thank you to The Shonet and Covermark Indonesia for inviting me, I love love love the event, the products, the foods and everything there. I also met with lots of new good friends, and had a blast there. Cheers

I also want to say thank you to everyone who open and read my blog, you guys rock! and it's pretty much keep me going on to continue writing this blog.


Stay healthy, and spread love all around.




Sharon Ozera.








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