Simplest Make Up Ever!

By Patricia Wijaya  |   about 2 years ago
Simplest Make Up Ever!

Have you ever been there, in a one fine morning, you thought it was Sunday but then apparently you were waking up to a Monday? And you realized you were going to miss out your train or bus and you only have 15 minutes MAX to get ready? Well, I have been there. Gotta say, felt like crap the whole day. 

But, here I am, giving you steps, tips and trick that might work for you too to at least look awake and alive if you only have such little time to get ready. 

1. Face - Wash'em. Wake yourself up. 

2. TLC to your skin please - do your whole step of skincare. Starting from toner to moisturizer. Ain't got no skincare? At least get a facial mist or spray to give some hydration to your skin. 

3. Concealer - cover those bags and panda eyes real good! Put three small dots under your eyes and blend them with your finger. You can use any concealer that you love, but if you do need some recommendations, you can go on with Maybelline Fit Me/ Maybelline Instant Age Rewind/ Tarte Shape Tape/ Missha Cover Master Concealer. Those are my holy moly grail. 

4. Powder - set your face with a bit of loose powder. dust'em all real good. Plus, powder will protect your face from the dusts too as we live in such dusty country. 

5. Bronze - this is an optional step. But, if you are a bronzer girl or you simply want to look contoured or more sculpted, get a darker powder or a basic bronzer and swipe those to your outer perimeter of the face. Best bronzer in my opinion, Bahama Mama from The Balm. 

6. Blush - I think this is an important step. Because a nice pink or coral flush will wake your face up. Do a light sweep onto your cheeks. 

7. Brows - If you are blessed with thick brows, all you gotta do is to just brush em up. If you are unfortunate like me ( i am like.. brow-less), get a brown eyeshadow and just simply fill in your brows with it. 

8. Mascara - Curl up your lashes and put tons of mascara to it. Skip liner as it will take so much time, but pile on mascara! 

9. Lips - Skip the matte, go for some gloss! It's quick, easy, refreshing. You'll thank me later. 

At least these steps work out well to me. If you are a pro, maybe you can put on false lashes real quick. But that's it. You'll look like that you have had such a good morning even if the fact aren't. 

Until next post, ladies.


Written By
Patricia Wijaya

I am a makeup freak ever since I was 12 years old. Trying out new things are my bunch of joy, finding something that works on me is a constant christmas present. 

You can book me through my page at Hello Beauty!

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