"Take Care of Your Own Country"

By jennye awuy  |   2 months ago


Take Care of Your Own Country. They said.

We all live on the same earth. We are all humans. Supposed to be born with the same rights.  

I know that my country is facing more or less the same problems about racism. You can even say that Indonesia's problem is much worse because we didn't even acknowledge it until now. We need some other problem in the other side of the world to be aware of our own problems. It proves that our own humanity is not very sharp either.

I never said that the BLM movement is more important than the Papuans. The #BlackLivesMatter, the #PapuaLivesMatter, all kinds of protests against racism. It all faces the same problem. The fact that most people are not ready to become humans. We're all too sucked into the ego of our own lives. We're too focused on ourselves that sometimes we don't even see the problems that are caused by that.

We see ourselves as humans but we don't see others as humans. 

That's the problem. 

The people who have more power feel more superior than the others. They live as if they own the world. As if the people around them don't exist. They take what they needed, and what they wanted. All to fill in their needs and pride. Not caring that other people may be miserable. Not caring that other people may have problems. Not caring about other people

That's the problem.

Some people don't even have the priviledge to say that they have problems. Their right to say anything has been taken away. Their rights to even have a peaceful life are taken away. 

That's the problem.

All of these movements are happening because the people have had enough. They need to find and take back what's theirs. The rights that they are supposed to have. The right to finally live. Live as their own person, not as someone elses pet.

I never said that some lives are more important than the other. These protests and movements aren't here to say that their life is more important. It's to say that their life is as important. 

To remind that humans are humans. All the same. No one is more superior than the other. No one is inferior. We are all the same. We were all created to live in harmony. To fill in others weaknesses with our own advantages. 

The phrase, "Take care of your own country" is all kinds of wrong. We're not supposed to be divided just because we live in different countries. We are all humans and we need to support other. Others who deserve to have their rights as human beings. 

As I say this once, I'll always say it again. 

These are not one countrys problems. These are our problem as human beings.

No freedom 'til we're all equal.

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jennye awuy

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