The First Journey

By Rina Febriane  |   about 2 years ago
The First Journey

Hi, Greeting from me and I hope all of you very health and happy everyday. My name is Rina.. as you can see in a title above "The First Journey". I never tought to become a makeup artist, my addicted to makeup and beauty products, has begin since I was 10 years old, yeah.. that young age to know how to put a lipstick and eyeshadow back that age. My mom thought I will be a Hair Stylist since I really interested to play with others hair, women for the long hair exactly.

But now, this is my first journey as Makeup Artis, with my passion, work hard and also work smart, I really enjoy the journey, play with colour, texture, and faces

I was born in 1985, and maybe some of you wondering what I have been done for many years ago..? Yeah, working in Electronics Industry since 2007 and eventhough that kind of job are not attached with beauty industry, but makeup and beauty product that I never leave behind

So from now on, I decided to Create my Journey, Reach my Dream and Live with Passion

Thank you all.. Cheers (^_^)

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Rina Febriane

Hey gorgeus, my name is Rina.. for now I think, I am more serious being a makeup artist, since I was a kid, brush, lipstick and mascara they're my club.. 10 years ago (yes that long..) i work as sales assistant manager in electronic Industry, but somehow I feel everything that I do was a mess and not my passion, so after the long journey in there I decided to quit and chasing my passion in Beauty, to be a makeup artist.

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