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 Hello beauties, how's it going? in this article I'm gonna tell you another tip to make your liner stay all day long and not traveling downward. 

 You should always check your eyeliner because sometimes it starts to stray from where it was placed, especially in the summer months. Certain eyeliner are more prone to this, especially those that aren't waterproof. Some people doesn't like using waterproof makeup because it's so darn hard to wipe off! it feels like ripping off our lashes in the removal process, right?..

 So here is the tip to keep your liner behaving, just simply sweep loose or pressed powder right underneath the eyeliner on your bottom lid. It creates somewhat of a barrier, preventing your eyeliner from traveling downward. 

 Isn't that easy? now you must be happy putting on not waterproof eyeliner and having the result as they are waterproof one, yet easy to wipe off. 😉

  I hope this tip could help you. Don't forget to always check on my page, there will be more tips and tricks every week.  Kindly follow instagram @muabaker to get notifications. I'll see you on my next post, have a flawless day. xx

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Ayu Baker

Ayu Baker was born in Jakarta, March 13th, 1990. Young and humble makeup artist aka "muabaker", born from a mother who has been years as a bride makeup, makes her learn a lot about makeup and making a makeup as her passion. She is a new generation of a flawless makeup artist certified by a haunted Indonesian makeup artist Bubah Alfian in 2017 (he also well known as a flawless mua). Other than that, she has a special skill for doing a "Special Effects Makeup" that she learned by herself. As a makeup artist, she has an elegant taste in makeup like simple makeup skill to brings out the natural and soft, yet stunning looking for especially Indonesian looks. That's what the clients get from her magic hands. "How to make a client looks pretty with a soft makeup. That's the challenge :)".

You can book me through my page at Hello Beauty!

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